Like many writers, I loved to read as a child. When I had my son, I couldn’t wait to read him the picture books I enjoyed and the new ones I discovered. Some of my fondest memories are of snuggling up with him next to a pile of books, reading “just one more” together. And while he has moved on to J.R.R. Tolkien and college textbooks, those piles of picture books still fill shelves in our home.  (See some of my favorites here)


I have a degree in Dance from The College At Brockport, State University of New York but it was during my graduate work in Counseling Psychology/Movement Therapy at Antioch University New England that I experienced the power of self-expression through dance, art & writing. I have been blessed with opportunities to use the arts to help individuals with disabilities, comfort elders with memory impairment, and offer peace and hope to people from all over the world at places like the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and at Mayo Clinic.

Today, as a volunteer in a K-8 school library and art enrichment teacher, I am inspired by kids who keep my creative juices bubbling with writing ideas.

My mother, Ginger Boone, sketched this of me when I was six years old. I distinctly remember that it took FOREVER and that all I wanted to do was to finish reading my book!